P&O World Cruise 2015 - Arcadia

PandO Cruises - Arcadia World Cruise 2015

- 106 night Full World Cruise
- Includes 4 overnight calls in San Francisco, Sydney, Hong Kong and Dubai
- Full World Cruise prices from £9,999 per person plus up to £1,000 per person Onboard Spends
- World Cruise Sectors from only £949 per person
- Past Passengers Receive up to DOUBLE Onboard Spends
- 36 destinations in 25 countries, travelling 34,000 nautical miles

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Arcadia 2015 Full World Cruise

Arcadia 2015 World Cruise Itinerary
6 January 2015 - 106 nights

Ports of Call: Southampton, Vigo, Ponta Delgada, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, Aruba, Full Transit of the Panama Canal, Santa Cruz, Cabo San Lucas, San Francisco (2 full days), Honolulu, Lahaina, Pago Pago, Apia, Suva, Sydney (2 full days), Brisbane, Whitsunday Islands, Darwin, Bitung, Kota Kinabalu, Manila, Shanghai, Hong Kong (2 full days), Sanya, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Sihanoukville, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Muscat, Dubai, Safaga, Sokhna, Full Transit of the Suez Canal, Athens, Valletta, Lisbon, Southampton


Maiden Call to Sanya (China) - Situated on Hainan Island in South Eastern China, Sanya is renowned for its tropical climate. Sites include Guanyin Statue (a 108 metere Buddhist statue), Nanshan temple, Yalong Ba& & the popular resort of Tianya Haijiao
Maiden Call to Bitung (Indonesia) - Lying on the North Coast of the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, Bitung is known for its incredibly vibrant, varied and often bizzare marine life that can be discovered on a muck dive in the Lembeh Strait just off the shore
Maiden Call to Darwin (Australia) - The tropical capital of the Northern Territory, Darwin has much to see and do. From Aboriginal art galleries to the crocodiles lazing on the Adelaide River to the World Heritage Kakadu National Park - a rich tapestry of wetlands, wildlife and Aboriginal History
Maiden Call to Manila (Philippines) - The buzzing capital of the Philippines is a city that never sleeps. Take a ride in a colourful Jeepney - customised former US military jeep - now used as local taxis. Visit the National Museum or further afield 'shoot the rapids' at the Pagsanjan Falls
Honolulu & Hilo - Giving you the opportunity to visit both the Big Island and Oahu



Code From To Date Duration Inside Fr Outside Fr Balcony Fr Onboard Spends
J510 Southampton Southampton 6 January 2015 106 nts £9,999pp £10,799pp £13,999pp From £350 per person
JUM Southampton San Francisco 6 January 2015 26 nts £2,399pp £2,599pp £3,349pp From £80 per person
JUV Southampton Sydney 6 January 2015 46 nts £4,349pp £4,749pp £6,099pp From £150 per person
JUC Southampton Brisbane 6 January 2015 49 nts £4,649pp £5,049pp £6,499pp From £150 per person
JUG Southampton Hong Kong 6 January 2015 69 nts £6,649pp £7,199pp £9,349pp From £225 per person
JUN Southampton Singapore 6 January 2015 78 nts £7,299pp £7,949pp £10,299pp From £250 per person
JUD Southampton Mumbai 6 January 2015 84 nts £7,849pp £8,549pp £11,099pp From £250 per person
JUF Southampton Dubai 6 January 2015 89 nts £8,349pp £9,049pp £11,749pp From £300 per person
JMV San Francisco Sydney 31 January 2015 21 nts £1,999pp £2,199pp £2,799pp From £60 per person
JMC San Francisco Brisbane 31 January 2015 24 nts £2,349pp £2,499pp £3,249pp From £70 per person
JMG San Francisco Hong Kong 31 January 2015 44 nts £4,199pp £4,549pp £5,849pp From £150 per person
JMN San Francisco Singapore 31 January 2015 53 nts £5,149pp £5,549pp £7,199pp From £175 per person
JMD San Francisco Mumbai 31 January 2015 59 nts £5,699pp £6,199pp £7,999pp From £175 per person
JMF San Francisco Dubai 31 January 2015 64 nts £6,199pp £6,699pp £8,699pp From £200 per person
JMU San Francisco Southampton 31 January 2015 81 nts £7,699pp £8,349pp £10,849pp From £250 per person
JVG Sydney Hong Kong 19 February 2015 26 nts £2,399pp £2,599pp £3,299pp From £70 per person
JVN Sydney Singapore 19 February 2015 35 nts £3,299pp £3,599pp £4,599pp From £100 per person
JVD Sydney Mumbai 19 February 2015 41 nts £3,799pp £4,149pp £5,349pp From £125 per person
JVF Sydney Dubai 19 February 2015 46 nts £4,299pp £4,649pp £5,999pp From £150 per person
JVU Sydney Southampton 19 February 2015 63 nts £5,999pp £6,499pp £8,399pp From £200 per person
JCG Brisbane Hong Kong 22 February 2015 23 nts £2,049pp £2,249pp £2,899pp From £60 per person
JCN Brisbane Singapore 22 February 2015 32 nts £2,999pp £3,249pp £4,199pp From £90 per person
JCD Brisbane Mumbai 22 February 2015 38 nts £3,549pp £3,849pp TBA From £125 per person
JCF Brisbane Dubai 22 February 2015 43 nts £3,999pp £4,349pp £5,599pp From £125 per person
JCU Brisbane Southampton 22 February 2015 60 nts £5,699pp £6,199pp £7,999pp From £175 per person
JGN Hong Kong Singapore 15 March 2015 11 nts £949pp £999pp £1,299pp From £30 per person
JGD Hong Kong Mumbai 15 March 2015 17 nts £1,549pp £1,699pp £2,149pp From £50 per person
JGF Hong Kong Dubai 15 March 2015 22 nts £2,049pp £2,249pp £2,899pp From £60 per person
JGU Hong Kong Southampton 15 March 2015 39 nts £3,799pp £4,149pp £5,349pp From £125 per person
JNF Singapore Dubai 24 March 2015 13 nts £1,149pp £1,249pp £1,599pp From £40 per person
JNU Singapore Southampton 24 March 2015 30 nts £2,949pp £3,149pp £4,099pp From £90 per person
JDU Mumbai Southampton 29 March 2015 25 nts £2,199pp £2,399pp £3,099pp From £70 per person
JFU Dubai Southampton 4 April 2015 19 nts £1,749pp £1,899pp £2,399pp From £60 per person




Please note these prices are a guide only, however they were correct at the time of publishing. All prices are subject to availability and may change at any time. The final price will be confirmed at the time of booking. For our latest prices and availability please call us on 01524 509 809.

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