Where would you find Long Island (twice), Horseshoe Bay (twice) and the Khyber Pass (twice)?


Bermuda Beach and Rocks

Roughly equidistant from Nova Scotia, Massachusetts and North Carolina, the tiny British Overseas Territory of Bermuda perches in the North Atlantic among a string of small peaks around the rim of a giant volcanic caldera, itself part of the submarine chain of peaks which forms the Mid-Atlantic Ridge stretching from the Antarctic to Iceland.

Well, that takes care of the geography. Now for the fun stuff. It's got miles and miles of gorgeous pink sandy beaches surrounding a total of 181 islands. It's got a sub-tropical climate, so that no snow or frost has ever been recorded there. It's the only New World location mentioned in Shakespeare ("the still-vexed Bermoothes", from The Tempest).

One of its earliest European residents went on to marry Pocohontas. It became famous for the fictitious Bermuda Triangle, while as a tax haven it did manage to witness a lot of money magically disappearing. And it has a peculiar penchant for using place-names twice.

Perhaps more practically, it offers fabulous snorkelling and scuba opportunities, and there are museums, art galleries and a Royal Naval Dockyard and maritime museum, as well as great food and night life too.

In short, Bermuda packs a lot of life into a small space!

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