Sue's visit to Silver Muse

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 4:44 PM

After a decidedly dodgy journey to Southampton, first impressions were enhanced by a glass of champagne as soon as I walked into the check-in area!  The Silver Muse is my kind of ship – small, intimate, well-staffed, under-stated in décor, beautiful furnishings and artwork all around, plus extremely well-appointed and comfortable suites.  Marble bathrooms, Bulgari toiletries, walk-in wardrobe, sumptuous towels and bathrobes – just like home really!!

Due to my late arrival, I had to dash around the ship having a quick look at the different grades of suites, dining areas, lounges, Zagara Spa and fitness centre (very well laid out with masses of treatment rooms), pool deck and as much open space as you could wish for on a ship which only takes 596 passengers; the passenger to space ratio is second to none.  Corridors are very wide and airy and it would be difficult to imagine anyone feeling enclosed and claustrophobic due to the clever use of lighting and mirrors. 

Service during dinner was excellent and the staff were very attentive to our needs.  The food was delicious and well-presented; the wines complemented the food for each course. 

We were entertained after dinner by a group of very talented singers – who were actually giving their last performance as they were due to leave the ship the next day.  The Venetian Lounge where the show was held, had a mix of bench and individual seats with tables, and was laid out so that everyone had a decent view of the stage.

Following a lovely night’s sleep, my Butler, Jann, brought breakfast to my suite as requested at 7 o’clock – coffee, cereal, fruit juice, fresh fruit and toast, all beautifully laid out on the coffee table covered with a white table cloth – which I then followed with a stroll around the jogging track on the top deck, before disembarking to catch my train.



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