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Why it's best to book on board

Thursday, January 11, 2018 10:26 AM

If you have ever thought about making a booking whilst already on board, but had reservations about the booking being passed through to us your travel agents at Cruise Connections, and queried the additional benefits being offered, then worry no more.

Most cruise lines give the chance of booking your next cruise whilst already cruising, and offer several additional benefits to entice you to do so. The booking will automatically be passed back to the agent who made the original booking - us, hopefully - and we will enhance this as much as we possibly can. On each ship you will find a Future Cruise Desk, where the member of staff will be able to go through options available; you will be able to ask questions about itineraries and duration; benefits will be explained; minimal deposit will be taken; et voila - all done.

Some of the benefits being offered are:
• Low deposit (P&O: £50pp / Cunard: £175pp)
• Extra on-board credit (P&O: between £25-£100pp / Cunard: between $100-$400pp)
• Complimentary up-grade
• Put a deposit down but not on a specific cruise date – changes can be made, subject to T&C’s.

Nothing could be easier. Make your booking, continue enjoying your cruise, get back home to find your next holiday’s paperwork on your door mat within a few days.

Sue Winsby

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