Why River Cruising?

Thursday, January 11, 2018 10:50 AM

To go on a river cruise is to embark on a whole new adventure. While ocean cruising takes you to parts of the world which are many and varied, but mostly on outer perimeters/coastal areas, river cruising takes you into the very heart of your destination. Here you enter the core of a country. Be it Europe, Russia or Asia, sailing past landscapes and buildings which personify the region one is travelling through, gives a whole new insight and dimension to the ‘workings’ of the country. Being on much smaller vessels than ocean-going ships means that one can get the full effect of a region at close quarters. There is nothing better than sailing, for example, out of Budapest in the black of night, with the whole city beautifully lit up on either side of the river: the old town of Buda on one side, and the newer area of Pest on the other, not competing with but complementing each other.

Many people are under the (false) impression that river cruising is for the older generation – as ocean cruising was once thought of. Over the past few years, passengers who have ‘done’ the world of oceans are now moving into the river cruise market where there is a vast selection of itineraries to undertake. With choices to suit all pockets, these ships cater for singles, couples and families alike, with cabins from basic (as per any ship, still fully equipped and en-suite) to luxurious (butler, balcony, whirlpool bath, canopy over wonderfully comfortable double bed). Facilities on board can include swimming pools, fitness centres, observation lounges, bars, restaurants, hairdressing salons, on-deck games area, sun deck with open and covered sitting areas, bicycles for shore use, and wi-fi internet. Most river cruise companies include daily shore excursions at ports of call, along with the option to book and pay for extra trips to see more and make the most of your holiday. They cater for all tastes, with international cuisine as the mainstay but with local produce and recipes being provided in each country/port of call where possible.

Staff on board have one aim in mind: to make their guests’ holiday the best they have ever had.

With over 15 river cruise lines to choose from, some of which have up to 30 ships, there is an enormous selection of itineraries, cruise durations, and pricing structure, to appeal to everyone – especially those who are new to the whole concept.

Here at Cruise Connections between us we have experienced, first hand, river cruising itself, and visited a large number of ships available to the European market. We can therefore advise on and book the most suitable cruise for YOU.

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