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MSC Cruises brings a high-end Italian style to your cruise experience. MSC ships are refined and welcoming in the best Italian tradition, with elegant decor, cutting edge design and classic materials, such as marble, Swarovski crystal, walnut, onyx used throughout.

With 11 ships currently in the MCS Cruises fleet and more to come, this Italian vision of stylish cruising will come to more & more British passengers over the coming years.

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MSC Magnifica Image

MSC Magnifica

There’s never a dull moment aboard MSC Magnifica, though there’s ample deck space to find somewhe......
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MSC Fantasia Image

MSC Fantasia

The first in an exceptional class of cruise ships, MSC Fantasia is everything a modern cruise shi......
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MSC Orchestra Image

MSC Orchestra

Life onboard MSC Orchestra revolves around you and, given the facilities on offer, life can be pr......
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MSC Opera Image

MSC Opera

MSC Opera offers a traditional take on cruising for those looking for a comfortable and unpretent......
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MSC Sinfonia Image

MSC Sinfonia

Given some of the cruise leviathans currently plying the oceans, MSC Sinfonia is not a large ship......
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MSC Divina Image

MSC Divina

MSC Divina now cruises twelve months of the year around the paradise islands of the Caribbean. Go......
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MSC Splendida Image

MSC Splendida

MSC Splendida was the second of ‘Fantasia class’ of cruise ships and the acclaim that greeted the......
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MSC Poesia Image

MSC Poesia

Christened in Dover in April 2008 by MSC Cruises (UK), MSC Poesia is our very own poem to the sea......
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MSC Musica Image

MSC Musica

In 2014 MSC Musica will be operating a series of classic summer cruises in the Mediterranean. Fro......
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MSC Lirica Image

MSC Lirica

These days when vast and impossibly glitzy cruise ships seem to appear every year, it is somethin......
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MSC Armonia Image

MSC Armonia

As her name implies, MSC Armonia is a sociable ship with a real fun loving atmostphere. She’s bee......
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MSC Preziosa Image

MSC Preziosa

So what makes MSC Preziosa unique? Plenty is the short answer, but let’s start with some special......
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MSC Meraviglia Image

MSC Meraviglia

MSC Meraviglia (built 2017 /currently under construction) is the first of two identical-class, ne......
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