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JG Travel Group Social Media Policy

This policy outlines how the JG Travel Group (JGTG) utilises social media across all of its brands including
accounts under the Just Go! Holidays, Albion, Omega and Cruise Connections brands. Social media refers
to the diverse online and mobile communication channels which facilitate communication, interaction and
sharing of information and resources.

JG Travel Group accounts

The following accounts sit under the JGTG:

JG Travel Group

Twitter    LinkedIn    Blog

Just Go! Holidays
Facebook    LinkedIn

Just Go! Heritage
Facebook    Twitter


Facebook    LinkedIn

Cruise Connections
Facebook    LinkedIn    Blog    Twitter

JG Travel Group Social Media Team

Social media channels are managed and monitored by the Social Media Team and cross-departmental
members of staff including but not limited to:
Matt Eastlake, Sophie Ferris, Amy Heron, Dan Riley, Mel Robson, Maddy Stuart, Danni Wood, Vicky Yaccob

JGTG social media activity and monitoring

Full social media activity and monitoring takes place between 9:00-17:30, Monday-Friday.

Outside of these hours, queries received via social media channels may be answered less frequently
however, the JGTG will always aim to respond to any queries as soon as possible. As social networking sites
are public, for confidential queries, please contact us directly by calling 03332 343 352.

Policy for JGTG social media pages


  • All JGTG social channels aim to allow people to ask questions or post their thoughts and comments in a critique-free environment and we endeavour to show respect for others’ views.
  • In the instance where queries from social media users cannot reasonably be responded to within the social media environment, the JGTG will ask the user to send their contact details via a private message, so that the query can be resolved offline.
  • Comments made by other users in response to posts from JGTG accounts are solely the view of the individual and are not the opinion of JGTG.
  • JGTG social channels will not encourage or condone any activity that is illegal, dangerous or offensive to other people.
  • JGTG social channels welcome and will engage in constructive feedback, comments, and discussion, but will not tolerate any form of aggressive or bullying behaviour or any discrimination against anyone on the grounds of their race, colour, nationality, religion, ethnic or national origins, sexual orientation, disability or age. We reserve the right to remove offending posts or comments and report these to the parent channel.


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